Advertising Erotica

Advertitising erotica books and ebooks is a nightmare. For people wanting to advertise their products online the usual route will be Facebook or Google Adwords or maybe even Twitter advertising but none of these companies will touch with a barge pole anything even slightly sexually orientated yet alone erotica that will no doubt be full of explicit sexual references. Absolutely no way.

I have spent many hours trying to find a way of being able to advertise but in every case I have, if not immediately, within a very short time, been stopped or even had my account banned.

However I have finally found two places where they will allow you to advertise erotica. The first is Goodreads and have been running a campaign for several weeks now. Alas it has not been terribly successful to date with a excruciatingly low click through rate even though I am targeting specifically adult literature interests.

The second I hope will be more successful and is Microft’s search engine Bing. It’s by no means straight forward as there are many words they just will not allow but there are also a good few that are acceptable including the all important ‘erotica’. Some words are automatically accepted but others are blocked automatically. The good news is that if a word or an advert is blocked by their automated system you can at least then apply for an exception and give a reason why you want them to accept it.

I am now running an ad on Bing as a test and whilst not yet getting fantastic results it is showing potential.

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