Book Series

If you like a longer read of steamy romance novels with a good progressive story and characters that grow then a hot novel series of books is just right for you.

Or maybe you like to see more than just the first chapter before investing you money in a larger book. Again a book series is ideal. If after the first book you're not hooked then you can stop their. But if you are you know the story doesn't end and there is more to be found.

Moral Opposites

A romantic attraction that should not happen

Two people whose moral beliefs are at the opposite ends on the spectrum accidentally meet and fall in love.

He is from a devout and strict Mormon family and she is from a sexually liberated nudist family. Which belief wins out? Read the first book and find out.

The Norths

A romance between a middle aged man
and a teenage girl

Steve North, aged 52, is persuaded by his best mate to try a exclusive and very expensive mail order bride company. Despite Steve's reservations things progress at a surprising pace and he suddenly finds himself married to the girl of his dreams, 18 years old with the perfect body and she falls in love with him.

Both very highly sexed and they experiment with different kinks and fetishes becoming closer to each other with each new experience.

The Scully’s

The story continues from the Moral Opposites series

Joe and Poppy Scully start their new married life by spending a week at Swing Island, a wedding present from their parents.

This book is the follow up series from the "Moral Opposites" Series of books about the happy couple and how they accidentally met coming from morally opposite upbringings. One from a strict Mormon household and the other from a sexually liberated nudist household.

One of them had to leave behind everything and everyone they knew to be able to be together. The series can be found by searching the Kindle store for "Moral Opposites"

You can read all about Swing Island in the "Swing Island" series of books which tells the remarkable story and romance of George and Ellie by searching the Kindle store for "The founding of swing island"

Swing Island

The story of a not very well endowed ordinary guy who, through a surprise inheritance, becomes not only incredibly wealthy but a sex god. He is quickly snapped up by a beautiful young woman who, rather than keep him to herself, encourages his sexual development with many partners both male and female. They discover they have a unique bond and deep love for each other that no one can come between. Working together they build the most exclusive and unique swinging resort on an island where there is a permanent ban on clothes, and that goes for everyone including the staff.

Swinging in a Motorhome

The story of a middle aged guy who after the death of his wife discovers life living in a motorhome and touring Europe. As a result of a little research he discovers the secret of finding swingers on the road. His education starts before he even leaves England and continues throughout France and into Spain. It's in Spain that things take a surprising turn when he falls in love with a young beauty half his age.

The Executive Sex Club

Jason and Emma Jackson after 8 years of marriage have found their relationship and sex life stale. This is about to change under the hands of a very wealthy and influential couple. They soon discover that all is not as simple as it seems with some sinister events, rape and even murder.

Sprigs Sex Academy

Sam at the age of 29 had achieved very little in his life, mostly because he couldn’t bothered. Out of the blue he is given a chance to inherit a fortune but has to return to school to get it, or so it seems.
Sprigs academy is unusual in that no one, not even the tutors are permitted to wear clothing and sex is very much encouraged, everywhere.
Sam meets his dream girl and unbelievably she actually likes him. Their relationship blossoms at a phenomenal rate aided by the way they are thrown together.
They quickly become the couple everyone wants to be and both love to help satisfy students and tutors alike.