Executive Sex Club 3 – Now available in Paperback and Kindle

The third book in the series The Executive Sex Club is now available in paperback and for the Kindle.

The Executive Sex Club 3

The Executive Sex Club 3

The butler sees it all.

After the celebrations of yesterday and a night of mixed up dreams Jason wakes late with the mother of all hangovers to find his dreams were not all dreams but really did happen and he and his wife were to inherit the Greyson fortune, but with some conditions.

Connor is brought in for questioning and following the most unusual of strip and cavity searches is made to disappear but not in a way he was expecting.

Jason comes up with a novel and fun way to hold interviews for new members much to John's surprise and everyone's enjoyment.

Jason and Emma discover that Murdoch, the butler, does so much more and sees everything without being the least bit fazed.

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