Ages ago I read somewhere that erotica writers mature into romance novelists. I wonder if that is true.

Today I published my first romance book. Okay it does have a few small sexual references but no explicit details and my better half is telling me that many romances these days are way more explicit than my new book. It does sound to me as if the line between romance and erotica is moving. I remember Mills & Boon, real slushy stuff, but no actual mentioning of what people actually do when falling in love. Or am I just looking through rose coloured glasses at the past?

Maybe I am beginning to grow up as an author, I suppose it will all depend how well my new book is received or more to the point sells. All I know so far is that I got the highest praise to date from the other half.

What do you think?

Thrown In The Deep End Book Cover

Thrown In The Deep End

The pool boy and the M.I.L.F.

Tom builds an unlikely relationship with a single mother of three when he services her swimming pool every week. It seems that this will end when her ex-husband cancels the contract with the company Tom works for.

Neither of them want their regular chats to end and Tom decides to carry on servicing her pool for free after work. Kelly grows very attached to the young fit man in her life and hatches a plan to try and seduce him.

Due to an accident where she breaks her elbow and a few ribs it looks like its her plans of seduction are doomed to failure. Can Kelly turn things around in her injured state? Does Tom finally admit to her his feelings?

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