Hard slog

Iv’e now been working on my latest book “In At The Deep End” for several weeks. This is so not like me. I usually pump out a book within a couple of weeks at the most but this one is proving much more of a challenge. It’s not the case of that I don’t know where the story is going, I do. It’s just getting started on the next bit each time. I know where it’s going I just am struggling to get there.

For example, the main female character, has managed to get the much younger Tom (her pool cleaner) out on holiday in her apartment with her three children and we know that they both secretly fancy each other. I have planned a pool side accident which will give rise to where Tom will have to help Kelly wash and dress. But its’s the bit in-between that’s a problem right now. I don’t want to rush right into the main action, I want a much slower build up.

Maybe that’s the problem? Unlike my other stories to date this one has a much slower more romantic buildup to it and I am finding harder than my usual more “get naked and get down to it quickly” erotica.

Which brings me to another quandary. So far, and I am 6,000 words in, I have not written a single sex scene. Yes I have mentioned arousal but not written anything that would be considered “adult” content. So, do I keep it that way? Do I make it a contemporary romance and not erotica. That’s not really my plan but the thought is there in the background of my mind and I wonder if that is not helping with my progress.

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