Huskies as guard dogs

Now I have calmed down over our robbery I can write about what happened. 

I am still angry about it. Not with the person’s stealing from me, well yes I am, but not as much as I am with my two huskies. Did they protect their den and their devoted loving master? Oh hell no of course not. They probably made new friends who they can’t wait to let in again and great them with wagging tails and licky toungs.

Let me be clear. We were warned that sleeping on motorway services and Aires was dangerous and likely to be robbed. But with two large ISH dogs on board we were safe enough. You’d think? Well no. 

To be fair to the dogs it appears were not the first. When the police arrived I was told that they have had a lot of these robberies where people have had dogs and alarms but this hasn’t stopped them. I kid you not, these thieves know how to get round alarms and befriend dogs. I’m still bloody annoyed at them though. 

My only constellation is this. I sleep naked and that night it was hot, and, I had left a light on. This meant that they had a really great view of my bare arse as I snored away. Well I hope they got off on it. Probably did as I have a great arse. 

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