Lactation erotica to listen to

Now you can enjoy some lactation fun and keep both hands free by listening to the deep sexy tones of Richard L Walton reading 2 Single Mums And A DILF

2 Single Mums & A DILF

2 Single Mums & A DILF

He doesn't stand a chance as they plan to share him.

Matt, a muscular, single dad, and ex-soldier attends his local mother & toddler group for the first time with his young son.
Two single mums, who are very taken with the six foot hunk of a man, move in on him quickly and the best friends plan on sharing him, putting plans into place to both seduce him and find out what he is hiding under his clothes.
Julie persuades him to try her breast milk and easily gets what she wants.
Alison seduces him with a dessert served on her naked body.
Matt soon catches on to what they are doing and makes his own plans to get his revenge.
All goes to exactly to plan, and everyone enjoys the results.

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