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George Markhams is a shortish, slightly overweight and slightly balding man who after two failed marriages lives alone in a rented flat in south London. He is not much to look at, has a small cock, only 5 and a half inches when fully erect. George is also a sex addict but rarely gets any. Both his wives were great at first but quickly tired of him and found his constant need for sex annoying.

He did have a girlfriend between his two marriages that indulged him more, introduced him to swinging and encouraged his bisexual side out but that relationship didn't last either and only made his hunger for sex worse. The more desperate he became the harder he found it to get laid. It seemed that he was just not ANY woman's type.

This was all about to change completely, unsuspected by George, and in a BIG way.

The Phone Call

On his day off from the electronics shop he works at, George likes to sit around his small rented flat in the nude watching daytime TV or simply just daydreaming. The flat is simply furnished, as he doesn't really need many things, the exception is his excessively large flat screen TV which takes up most of the wall.

Despite it being a bright sunny Wednesday morning the curtains are still closed and the room is lit by the glare from his TV. George is sitting naked on his couch watching some morning show whilst idly touching his flaccid cock and wishing the presenters did this show in the nude.

When his phone rings it startles him and he stares at it wondering who the hell could be ringing him at home on a Wednesday, his day off. Ah yes, of course, it will be his manager wanting him to come into the shop because some muppet as rang in sick and his manager is too bone fucking idle to do any work himself. George seriously considers not answering it so he doesn't have to get dressed and go to work. The incessant ringing eventually cracks him and he picks the handset up.

"Hello," George says as he brings up to his ear.

"Oh hello, is that George Markhams?" says the female voice on the phone.

"Yes, who is this please?" A little confused as this is not the voice he expected of his idiot manager, for starters, this is a female voice, and quite a fit sounding one at that, not a male voice, which his manager certainly is.

"I am sorry to trouble you. I work for Pearson, Pearson and Fitch solicitors and we are trying to trace a George Howard Markhams the son of Louise Markhams nee Wallace."

DAMN DAMN DAMN thought George why the hell didn't I find out who the hell it was before admitting who I was.

"It's nothing to worry about sir," said the voice "Are you the gentleman we are seeking?"

George was still suspicious. "Yes, Louise was my mother."

"Oh good, at long last, we have been trying to find you for 3 months now. It's regarding your late uncle, Jeffery Wallace."


"Your mother's half brother, Jeffery Wallace."

"I didn't know she had any siblings."

"Apparently she only had the one-half brother. Would it be possible for you to come into the office to see Mr Fitch?"


"Nothing bad, don't worry, Mr Fitch wishes to discuss Mr Wallace's estate with you."

"Errr okay."

"Oh good. Will this afternoon be convenient? You will need to bring your birth certificate and some form of photo ID with you. How does 2:30 sound?"

"Probably will be okay depends where your offices are?"

"In Wakemore street just off the high street, 5th door on the left."

"Ah yes I know the street, see you at 2:30."

Swing Island

Swing Island - The complete Story

2 Book Box Set

This book is the complete story of "Swing Island" and includes the two books “The founding of swing island” and “Swing Island Resort”

George is an ordinary guy who inherits a fortune from an uncle he never knew existed. He also inherits his uncles beautiful assistant, Ellie, who pulls him, mostly by his cock, literally, into a billionaire lifestyle with romance, love, and sex, lots of sex.

Living on his 'no clothes allowed' island with his, sexually liberated, staff he builds an exclusive swingers resort on the island. Along the way they have many new experiences and their love deepens so much that their souls seem to be as one. This culminates in a very special and unique wedding.

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To call this book hot would be an understatement. Imagine inheriting a fortune from a relative you never knew about and as a part of that, a beautiful assistant. Throw in an island where no clothes are allowed and that assistant who thoroughly enjoys sex. I would tend to believe this would be most guys dream. I would encourage you to read this book. Approach it with an open mind and you will thoroughly enjoy it. I received a free copy of the book but my review is completely voluntary and unbiased.


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