Swinging in a Motorhome 3 – FREE chapter

Please enjoy the first chapter of Swinging in a Motorhome 3 the third book of the swinging erotica series Swinging in a Motorhome.

Chapter 1 - Orgy

The day of the party soon came around. They spent the day cleaning and preparing food for their guests. Mid morning there was a knock at the door. Megan opened the door to Tom who was more than pleased to see her standing there naked. "Come in Tom" she said.
With a broad grin on his face he walked in, closing the door behind him. Megan wrapped her arms around him and gave him a lingering kiss while he slid his hands down her back to squeeze her bare bottom.
"Hi Tom. To what do we owe this pleasure?" Jim said.
"Oh trust me the pleasure really is all mine." Tom replies as he looks over Megan's naked body.
"Then let's agree it's a pleasure for all of us as I was getting turned on watching you grope Megan's arse." Tom said.
"Meee to" Megan said.
"Alas I am going to have to wait till tonight for more as Paula is not with me. Assuming, that is, that we are still on for tonight." Tom said.
"Oh definitely. We are so looking forward to it." Megan said.
"Sure are. I have got some fun games worked out to get things really going." Jim said.
"You two have really taken to this. I can't wait until tonight. I suspect it will be our best ever. I had better go before I can no longer resist this gorgeous body in front of me. Oh by the way I have told everyone that you will be naked when they arrive and not to dress up and can strip as soon as they arrive if they wish. They were all very excited about that idea." Tom said.
"Excellent, thanks Tom." Jim said.
"Okay see you at eight" Tom said and Megan gave him another kiss.
Tom and Paula were the first to arrive fifteen minutes early. "Sorry, we are a little early" Tom said as he walked in closely followed by Paula.
"It's fine you are always welcome any time." Jim said. Paula was wearing a long summer dress that she pushed off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor to show she was completely naked underneath. "Especially if you turn up like that."
Paula wrapped her arms around Megan and they snogged and caressed each other's back and bottoms while Tom removed his joggers and shirt. The guys shook hands both watching the girls. By the time they parted both men were getting turned on. Paula then cuddled and snogged Jim while Megan did the same to Tom. This gave them both full erections which the girls reached down to grab and place between their legs.
Simon and Penny were next to arrive. Simon eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the very beautiful naked Megan. "Wow you weren't kidding Tom she is stunning." Tom laughed.
"And your all naked already." Penny said.
"Hi Penny. Yes and if you would like to strip off we can give you a proper welcome." Jim said.
They both stripped off. Megan hugged Penny first and gave her a kiss before turning to take Simon in her arms as Jim hugged Penny making sure his hard cock pressed against her trimmed pussy. "Now that is the best welcome I have ever had." Penny said.
"I have to agree" said Simon.
"Yes I can see" said Penny pointing to his hard cock.
Mark and Sue then turned up and as Sue walked in said "Oh wow. What a lovely sight. All these nice hard cocks to greet ....." She stopped dead when she saw Megan. "Fucking hell you are gorgeous."
"Who, what, where, let me in so I can see." Mark said from behind.
Sue stepped in further and began undressing as Mark walked in. On seeing Megan he stopped dead and smiled at her. "It's a pleasure to meet you" he said and put his hand out to shake hers. Megan politely took his hand and said "Take your clothes off and we can have a cuddle."
Megan then cuddled a now naked Sue and kissed her. Sue then roared with laughter as she saw her husband falling all over the place trying to get out of his clothes as fast as he could. Sue said to Megan "When I saw you I knew Mark was going to be excited. And looks like I was right" as she pointed to his very hard cock.
Megan then took hold of Marks cock to position it against her pussy while she cuddled him. "Thank you both so much you're so kind to say so."
Jim cuddled Sue rubbing his cock against Sue's pussy. "You're girlfriend is stunning and getting a lot of attention" Sue said.
"Yeah I know and I am so proud and so turned on by it" Jim said.
Mark then shook Jim's hand and said "You're a very lucky guy Jim."
"I know and grateful of it every minute of every day" he said as he took Megan in his arms to hold her. "And you know the best moment of each day is? Waking up to find this beautiful young lady cuddled up to me."
"Aww darling. I do love you." Megan said and kissed him deeply while everyone watched with big smiles on their faces.
"See I told you they were mad about each other" Paula said.
Everyone got a drink and sat down with their own partner and all the girls automatically took hold of their men's cocks.
As they all sat and chatted to each other about normal everyday things no one thought it was odd that they were doing so completely naked whilst being either held or holding on to a hard cock. After awhile Megan said "Please everyone help yourselves to some food." Each couple took it in turns to get up and get a plate of food. As they each sat down again the ladies took back hold of their mans cock while they ate.
Once everyone had eaten Jim said "I have devised a little game for us I call know your partner. It is a game that has three rounds and you will be scored as a couple on each round. Can I ask if Tom and Penny do the scoring please. I will explain each round as we go. Is everyone up for it?" They all nod in agreement.
"Cool. Okay first round is called find your man. Ladies if you will all kneel on the floor and place these blindfolds on." Megan handed out the blindfolds to each lady and knelt on the floor with the others. "Gentlemen if you could all get up and change seats" As they do Jim continues. "One point will be deducted from a couple if either of them makes a sound. Three points will be awarded if you find your man. Now ladies crawl around the floor and using your hands and mouths to find your man. You may not touch any man above the waist. When you think you have found him, get up on him and impale yourself on his cock so you are facing away from him. But don't remove your blindfold until I say. Okay begin." And he went and sat down quickly.
The girls began crawling around the floor feeling for men's legs and on finding some ran their hands up to find the owners cock exploring it all over before putting it in their mouth to suck and explore.
He watched Megan explore Mark before moving on to Tom while Paula felt and sucked him before moving on and Sue taking her place to try him. She also moved on and Megan slid her hands up his leg finding his cock. As soon as she felt it she knew it was Jim's but had a suck anyway. Getting up she stood astride him and lowered herself down onto his cock.
Once all the others had settled on a cock and were seated Jim said "Okay ladies remove your blindfolds" Paula had Tom's cock in her, Penny had Mark's and Sue had Simon's. "Well done Paula. That's three points to Tom and Paula and three points to us. Now it's us guys turn. Same thing again but, this time we are blindfolded and have to crawl around searching for our partners pussy which when we find it, hands and tongues only please, we kneel between their legs and push our cocks all the way in."
The guys all knelt in the middle while the ladies moved around and sat down. Jim crawled over to Paula and feeling a little stubble on her pussy knew it wasn't Megan but had a lick anyway. Tom had found Megan and also feeling her soft smooth pussy knew it wasn't Paula so licked and moved on. Jim next found Sue, who whilst was much smoother had protruding lips so was not Megan. He had a nice long lick and moved on. Just before Jim found Megan, Simon had explored her pussy and licked it.
As soon as Jim touched Megan's pussy he knew it was hers. He licked her, and her so well known taste confirmed it. He knelt up and buried his clock deep into her.
When all the other men were buried in a pussy Megan said "Okay you can remove your blindfolds" Every guy was in the correct hole. "Oh well done everyone that's three points a piece."
"Okay the third and final round." Jim said "and this is the tough one, and gets the most points or loses the most. It's on your knees again ladies, sorry, but this time bent over and all blindfolded. Then each guy will take his turn to put his cock all they way in each of you and hold it still for 10 seconds before moving onto the next. When all the guys have penetrated all of you then you say which number was your partner. For a correct answer you get three points. However, if you say he's mine when he is in you then you get ten points. If you're wrong you loose ten points. Everyone clear?" They all answer yes.
With the girls all blindfolded and on all fours Tom went first and slid his cock into Penny and held it there deep inside her for 10 seconds. He then entered Paula then Sue and finally Megan. He sat back down with his cock all wet and shiny from the juices of four different pussies.
Mark went next, pushing his cock into each one. Next was Jim and when he pushed his very wet cock into Meagan she shouted "MINE."
Finally was Simon and when he pushed into Sue, she shouted "MINE". He moved on and pushed his cock up into Megan anyway even though he knew she had got her call right.
With every cock having been in every pussy the girls sat back and removed their blindfolds. Penny said hers was number four. Paula said number two. Because Sue and Megan declared theirs already they didn't need to say.
"Penny and Megan got that round correct." Tom said "So Penny and Simon get five points. And Megan and Jim get ten. In fact Megan and Jim have got every round correct so I declare them the winners."
"So what do you get as a prize then?" Mark said.
"Oh did I forget to say what it was, sorry. The winning couple and the losing couple get to swop partners and put on a show for everyone else." Jim said.
"That will be Mark and Sue." said Tom.
"Would you like to go first my darling." Jim said to Megan.
"Yes please" she replied and got up and lay on the floor with her legs open and said "Come on Mark fill me up." Mark got up and on top of Megan and pushed his cock deep into her as Megan wrapped her legs around his waist. Everyone watched as he fucked her hard and fast and soon came deep into her. As he got off Jim went down between her thighs to lick and suck Mark's cum out of her. As he did this, Tom explained to everyone "that they always clean each other up after sex no matter who with. Oh and Megan will want to get Jim's cum back out of Sue."
"My cum, not Jim's" Megan said breathlessly as she was getting close to cumming.
"Oh cool, I've never had that done to me" said Sue
After Megan had a screaming orgasm and everyone clapped Jim and Megan got up. He then held out his hand to Sue who was very flushed and excited. She lay down with her legs open for Jim to mount her. Megan was there and guided his cock into her. As he pushed his cock in she had her first orgasm. She had two more before Jim made his final violent thrust and emptied his balls deep inside her. Megan was there ready as he began to withdraw and her hand went between them to take it out of her and replace his cock with her mouth. When she had sucked as much out as she could she moved her mouth up to her clit and sucked on it giving her the most powerful climax. Megan then turned her head and took Jim's cock in her mouth to clean that up.
By the time she had finished Sue had still not recovered fully and just laid there. As Megan stood up everyone clapped very enthusiastically and Megan bowed.
Sue was still lying on the floor with her legs open and Simon said to her "May I?"
"Fuck yes" she said and they all watched as Simon fucked her hard filling her up again with his spunk. When he got off Mark got down between her legs to see what it was like to lick another blokes spunk from his wife's pussy. After an initial taste he buried his tongue deep into her and began sucking and licking. Sue was so turned on by what he was doing she had another powerful climax.
After Mark had finished he said "That was amazing nothing like I expected and so damn hot I am ready to explode." With that, Megan grabbed his cock fell back onto Jim's lap and stuffed it up her self. Mark only managed four thrusts before exploding deep inside her. As he got off, she climbed up onto the sofa and placed her pussy over Jim's mouth to feed him again and also receive another explosive orgasm from him.
This carried on well into the early hours of the morning with everyone fucking everyone else at one point or another while the others rested and watched.

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swinging in a motorhome 3

Swinging in a Motorhome 3


In this the third book of Swinging in a Motorhome, Jim, a 52 year old guy, who is swinging his way around Europe has found love in the very unlikely form of Megan, a very pretty young welsh girl who had been abandoned by her friend whilst on holiday in Spain.

Their relationship develops and they take to swinging in a big way. Megan has an insatiable sexual hunger and comes up with some unique sexual fun involving food much to Jim's pleasure.

They encounter new and exciting people along the way. Jim loses his anal virginity with Megan's help to a young man in his twenties and Megan puts on a lesbian show for him.

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Very entertaining Read

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