The Executive Sex Club 2 Now available in Paperback

The second book in the Executive Sex Club series is finally available in Paperback via createspace after being rejected by Amazon.

I did try contacting Amazon to find out what exactly the issue was and they eventually came back to say it was issue with the cover or the cover image or the content of the book. Not much help really!

They also stated that if I break their very unspecific and undefined rules again I may have my account closed.

I took this as a real shot across the bow and they very ably pointed out just how vulnerable I am from having all my books suddenly removed at Amazon's whim.

As a result I am starting the lengthy process of pulling out of Amazon's exclusivity deal and adding my books to other retail outlets.

The Executive Sex Club 2

The Executive Sex Club 2

Rape, Murder and Secrets

Jason had been noticed by his very wealthy boss as a possible successor to his multi-billionaire lifestyle and businesses. As a result Jason and his wife Emma had their lives totally changed by John and Kelly Greyson as they introduced them to whole new world and lifestyle of the very rich while testing the young couple to see if they were made of the 'right stuff' to continue on as the Greyson's would like.

They have proved themselves to be accepting of sexual fetishes and more than willing to try things for themselves much to the pleasure of John and Kelly.

Things move on at a rapid pace for the couple and they experience not only the great pleasures wealth and power will give them but also its dark and sinister side.

Will this be the end of their hopes to be wealthy? Or will they just take it all in their stride and become the next head of the enormous and secret Greyson empire.

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Brilliant. After book one ended I found myself desperate for the next book. It didn't disappoint at all. I love the characters and relationships. Charlie's style is very easy to read and puts a superb story in with some very sexy erotica. Highly recommended.

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