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Dreams Do Come True
As George slowly comes to he finds himself no longer in the restaurant but in a very comfortable bed in a lavishly decorated room that is probably 4 times the size of his entire flat.
"Ah good you're awake" says Ellie "Apparently you had just fainted. I guess this is all a bit overwhelming. I had the staff carry you up here after the doctor who happened to be sitting at the next table said you would be fine. I think he thought you might be drunk." she giggled.
"Up here?"
"Yes, I booked the penthouse on your behalf in case you wanted to stay in the hotel before we leave for the island tomorrow. I hope that is okay? I am kind of in the habit of preparing things just in case for your uncle."
"Tomorrow, island ...... THE PENTHOUSE I can't afford a cupboard here."
Ellie simply smiles gently at him as it slowly dawns on him.
"You can afford to buy this hotel a hundred times over if you wanted." she says softly.
"Ah yes, bloody hell, this is going to get some time to get used to."
"Don't worry I will be with you 24 hours a day to help."
"24 hours? Surely you must have a life you want to, you know."
"No George my life is now to just take care of you. You do pay me very well and no one else can give me this lifestyle."
"Just how much do I pay you?"
She writes down a figure on a piece of paper and hands it to him.
"FUCK ME! that's more money than I have earned in my entire life."
"Trust me George, I am worth every penny." she quietly responds "You will want for nothing and I take care of everything for you. Anyway you can easily afford me."
I doubt you really mean want for nothing George thought, for starters I sooo want to strip you naked and lick that beautiful body all over.
"Talking of wanting for nothing." says George "I take it this room has an on suite?"
"Yes it has, as well as a study, dressing room, and lounge." Ellie laughs. "Shall I prepare a bath for you?"
Only one thought passes through George's mind at this point Coool.
"Err yes please, but I need to go to the toilet first."
Having relieved himself George walks back into the living room to find Ellie standing by a very comfy looking leather chair that looks out of the big picture window overlooking the city below them with a drink in her hand. She says "I have poured you a single malt to relax you. Why don't you sit here and enjoy the view while I prepare your bath."
As George settles into the lush leather chair Ellie disappears off to prepare his bath and rather than just enjoy the view out the window George's own mind starts an argument with himself. Ask her to join you in the bath. No stupid. You're just going to stuff it up for yourself. She is the only one that can get you through this and you making some stupid move on a bird that is no way going to be interested in you. She works for you and makes a lot of money. No for fuck sake don't fuck this up for yourself. This in countless variations goes round and round at speed in his head until from directly behind him.
"All ready for you."
George nearly jumps out of his skin but hides it rather well, he thought, and politely says thank you and rises up out of the chair and goes to walk to the bathroom. Ellie suddenly steps sideways and blocks his path and begins to unbutton his shirt. George freezes like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.
She slowly undoes each button and slips it off his shoulders and lays it carefully over the back of the chair then begins to undo his belt and his trousers. Whilst George and his mind have completely stalled his cock, which always had its own ideas, became very hard, very, very quickly and Ellie could not help but notice that under his boxers he was very aroused.
Gathering his senses and suddenly feeling embarrassed and a bit panicky as he remembers his size, George says "It's okay you don't need to undress me or, or, or, sorry."
Smiling up at him and then purposely looking at the lump pointing straight out at her she says "It's fine. I would like to if that's okay?"
George just slowly nods with an enormous grin on his face that was so wide it almost hurt.
Ellie then kneels down and begins to slowly pull his boxers down until his exceptionally hard cock springs into view. "Sorry," George says sheepishly "I have never been undressed by such a beautiful woman before." Ellie just smiles up at him and very gently starts to kiss the tip of his cock which makes it pulse and jump in excitement. After several of these kisses to his cock, she opens her mouth and engulfs the head and starts to suck it. Almost immediately, George shoots his load right into her mouth which she continues to suck and swallows his hot spunk.
"I am so sorry." George pleads, desperately ashamed that he came so quickly and didn't warn her he was going to.
Ellie stands up, and with her hand gently holding his still hard but spent cock says "It's fine. I love the taste of you and hope to get a lot more in the future." George's mind goes completely into shock and refuses to accept that she said that. She leads him by the cock to the bathroom and helps him into the bath. Then, while he watches, she removes her dress to reveal her perfect naked body. Her breasts are, George estimates, a bit larger than a handful or maybe two and gently sways as she bends down to retrieve her dress from the floor and turns around to place it on a chair. Her arse is perfectly rounded and very soft looking and turning around George can now see she does not have a single hair on her pussy and is just a perfectly looking thin line between her legs.
"May I join you?" she asks.
"Oh, god, yes please." George chokes out.
With a smile on her face, Ellie steps into the bath and settles down facing him. She picks up the shower head from the side of the bath and having adjusted the temperature of the water, wets George's hair. She continues to wash his hair and rinse it off, all the while gently smiling at George as he ogles her perfect breasts. She then grabs the soap and begins to wash his shoulders and arms before working down over his chest. Oh, my god, she has such a gentle soft touch he thinks.
"Stand up." she whispers.
George gets up and stands in front of her with his hard cock pointing directly at her face.
"Mmmmmm your cock is beautiful" and she begins to gently wash it paying particular attention to under his helmet. Once satisfied she has it clean she starts to soap his balls. As she does so she asks "Do you mind if I shave you down here so you're as smooth as I am?"
"You can do anything you like to me. My body is yours to do with as you please."
"And I will take perfect care of it and worship it." Ellie responds "Turn around and sit down again so I can wash your back."
Having satisfied herself his back was clean she tells him to stand up. When he does she begins to wash his buttocks and lets her fingers linger on his crack ever so softly at first but slowly getting more and more daring. Each time she touches the bit directly adjacent to his anus George cannot help but give a little moan and even though he tries not to, pushes back a little as if trying to get her to push between his buttocks onto his anus. Ellie smiles to herself and says "bend over for me and part your legs."
Trembling with excitement George does as he is bid and Ellie watches as his arse cheeks part displaying his tight sphincter and his hanging balls come into view. She cups his balls in her hand and gently squeezes.
Having soaped her fingers she begins to very gently brush his bum hole as George begins to moan in intense pleasure. Very slowly she begins to insert one finger up inside his arse which makes George moan even more. Having pushed it all the way inside his body she gently starts to withdraw until it is nearly out and the begins to push back inside until it's all the way in. She repeats this slow fucking of his arse for several minutes then starts to insert a second finger slowly stretching his arse open until she has both fingers buried right up inside George. Withdrawing her fingers, much to George's disappointed, she then leans forward and pushes her tongue in as far it would go and begins to move it around inside him. Sensing that George is getting very close to shooting his load a second time she withdraws, pats his arse and says "let's get dried and take this to the bedroom. I really need to have that beautiful hard cock up inside me."
Having dried each other off Ellie leads George across to the bedroom by his still throbbing cock. "Lie on your back lover." Ellie instructs. As he does she immediately jumps on top of him gripping his cock and lowering herself onto it. He feels her wet pussy lips part and start to swallow his cock. She slowly sinks further down until she has completely taken him inside herself and his balls are squashed up between them. She slowly begins to fuck him as he lies there looking alternatively and her beautiful smiling face and her perfect breasts gently wobbling as she bounces up and down. George reaches up to squeeze her breasts and pinches her nipples which cause her to begin to moan. As she gets closer to her climax, she leans forward and pulls George's head onto one of the breasts. He eagerly sucks the nipple into his mouth and starts to suck and nibble at it. Each time he takes a gentle bite Ellie moans and thrusts down harder onto his cock. George quickly gets the idea and bites a little harder each time until she screams loudly and he feels her muscles begin to grip his cock harder than he could have imagined or ever experienced. This sends him over the edge and he begins shooting his seed deep inside her whilst grabbing her by the hips and pushing down as hard as he possibly can. It feels like her pussy is gripping and pulling him in even deeper as she milks every drop out of him.
After what has to be the most intense and amazing orgasm of his life Ellie slowly lifts off him and with a very contented look on her face begins to clean his cock off with her mouth. Once she is satisfied it is clean she crawls up the bed and holding his cock they drift off to sleep together.

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The founding of swing island

The Founding Of Swing Island

The premier swingers resort

George is an ordinary guy who inherits a fortune from an uncle he never knew existed. He also inherits his uncles beautiful assistant, Ellie, who pulls him, mostly by his cock, literally, into a billionaire lifestyle with romance, love, and sex, lots of sex.

Living on his 'no clothes allowed' island with his,sexually liberated, staff he develops a plan to turn it into an exclusive swingers resort.

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Reviewed by Heidi Lynn
First, I want to thank Charlie Wish for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.
The Founding of Swing Island, an erotic novella, is the first book I have ever read by Charlie Wish. The author warned his readers up front that the book contained explicit details of sexual acts between consenting adults. There were acts between bisexuals, heterosexuals, and watersports (that part I was not a huge fan of).
I have read a lot of erotica however this book by far has been the hottest I have read. Charlie’s storytelling, his eye for details of the story, the amazing cast of characters, and the plot was unlike any book I had ever read prior. He made you feel like you were a fly on the wall looking In on the action!
The main character George had to be the luckiest man alive for the amazing fortune and experiences he was given. What I liked most about him was he had a heart of gold and wanted was best for his “family.”

Loved it, couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next book to find out what happens next and if the main characters romance blooms further. I do hope they get married

It's a great story with romance and loads of very descriptive juicy bits to make it very erotic and exciting

Erotic... Romantic... and Sensual

I just completed this erotic... romantic... love story. Yes, all three in one book! What a fun read and one that is bound to hit a fantasy you've had and shared with a lover or kept in the back of your mind.
The story is well developed and rife with sexual encounters bound to please the reader. I'm looking forward to starting Book 2!!

Book Series

The Founding Of Swing Island is the first book in the Swing Island series. Click here to see the other books in the series.

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