The Not So Good Samaritan

The Not So Good Samaritan

His intentions start off pure until she awakens something inside him

Gary is somehow bothered by a tramp sleeping on the streets in London and wants to help them. They turn out to be a pretty teenage girl.

Unable to send her back to the street after feeding her he takes her home with him.

It very quickly becomes apparent she is a natural submissive and likes to be told what to do. Gary finds his dominant streak that has been buried all his life coming out and so begins a relationship of her more than willing to please him and him wanting to make her his to do with as he pleases.

Despite being on the street for two years she is still a virgin and wants Gary to have her precious gift, but he makes her wait while she is tested and it is safe to take her without protection.

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Chapter 1

“Can you spare some change?” A regularly heard mantra on the streets of London, in fact, in cities all over the world. These are the words Gary is hearing as he walks through the subterranean passages on the London Underground between Bank and Monument as he heads back to his six bedroom house in the Surrey countryside where he lives alone.

It’s been a few years since he has had to travel up to London to visit his publisher and he had forgotten just how many homeless are on the streets, or under them, as he is now. Gary reflected back to when he worked in London and how these poor people were totally invisible to him as he passed the sad and grimy faces pleading for money.

After all these years of not seeing them and the troubles Gary had endured in recent years, he could see, and hear, them once again. He wanted to give them all some help but knew this was impractical and would make little or no difference. He also had a very good notion that at least some of them wanted the money for drugs rather than food, something he was not willing to do.

As he made the 7 minute walk between the two stations something caught his eye in the shadows of an archway. He walked straight on, without pausing, trying to ignore it and work out what he had briefly seen at the same time. All the while something deep within him was imploring him to go back and have a proper look.

He walked for almost an entire minute before he slowed to a stop and stood looking back along the tunnel. From where he was, he could no longer see the archway, but it felt as if it was calling him back.

He headed back the way he came looking for the archway. He almost walked passed it again as it was quite narrow. Set back a few feet inside it was a dark coloured door.

Scrunched up on the floor at the foot of the door was a mass of dirty matted hair between two equally dirty denim clad knees which topped legs that led down to a pair of filthy trainers that were falling apart around the feet.

“Are you okay?” he said.

The hair mass moved slowly and the grimy face of what was clearly a young female looked up at him. She had the most startling blue eyes made all the more so by the dirt on her face with streaks running down her cheeks where the tears had tried to wash the dirt away.

“Are you okay miss?” he said again.

He watched as her eyes filled with tears and began to roll down her face making fresh tracks in the dirt. She didn't say a word and didn't need to. Gary could clearly see for himself that she was far from okay. Looking at her eyes she didn’t have that glazed look that drug users often seem to have but they were quite clear and had a deep sadness in them that seemed to touch Gary’s heart and soul.

The girl looked as though she had been there a long time, probably too long, and had not eaten for some time.

“You hungry?” Gary said.

The girl nodded slowly without taking her tearful gaze off him.

“Come on, I’ll get you some food and drink,” Gary said and smiled at her as he held out a hand for her to take.

Her gaze slowly shifted from his face to his outstretched hand and she stared at it for a few moments. Gary kept still and continued to hold his hand out guessing she was trying to decide if he could be trusted or not. Either that or if her hunger was enough to take the risk.

Eventually a delicate, dirty, hand reached out and took his. She pulled herself up and her face betrayed the difficulty of her action and possibly pain.

Gary noticed that she didn’t appear to have any belongings which struck him as odd. All the tramps he had seen in the past had bags full of who knows what with them.

“Are you really going to get me some food?” she said. She had a very quiet voice and sounded very young and timid.

“Yes, I promise,” Gary replied. “Don’t worry I only wish to help I will not harm you in any way.”

They both began walking towards Monument again but at a much slower pace than Gary was walking before. As he watched her walk he thought she looked very weak and thought that maybe it had been longer than he thought since she last ate.

“How long since you last ate?” Gary said. She just shrugged her shoulders.

Gary didn’t know why but he was curious about her and wanted to ask a load more questions but decided that they should wait until he had got some hot food in her.

As they emerged out of Monument station into the usual overcast day, Gary spotted a restaurant over the other side of the road. They crossed the road and went through the door into the restaurant where they were met by one of the staff.

“Table for two please,” Gary said.

“If you could wait a moment please,” he said and hurried off down the restaurant to return quickly followed by what looked like the manager.

“Sorry sir but we cannot serve you today,” the manager said.

“Why?” Gary said.

“We can’t let her dine here, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, I’m paying she’s not going to steal anything.”

“I have no doubt sir. It’s just she will put our other customers off.”

Gary looked over the restaurant quickly and said, “You don’t have any.”

“And neither will I with her in here. Please leave sir or I shall be forced to call the police.”

Gary was infuriated with this, he only wanted to get a good meal inside her and as he went to argue with him the girl started to walk back out the door with her head down looking at her feet.

“You bastard,” Gary said directing it at the manager and followed her out onto the street.

“Thanks for trying,” she said and began to walk back towards the station from where they came.

“No, stop, please. I promised you a meal and a meal you will have,” Gary said as he gently took her arm to stop her. He glanced down the road and could make out a fast food place not too far away. “Come this way please. I can see somewhere where we can go.”

As they got closer to the restaurant Gary could see a bench just outside the place and thought perfect, they won’t be able to refuse me. He got the girl to sit on the bench as he went inside and ordered her a half pound cheeseburger, large fries and a large coke all the while keeping his eye out the window in case she tried to wander off.

Now he thought about it, this meal might be better being full of protein, fats, carbohydrates and sugar. Whilst generally considered bad for your diet would probably be good for someone who hasn’t eaten in gods know how long.

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