Mail Order Bride – Excerpt

Erotica Romance
Mail Order Bride

An Erotica Romance between a middle aged man and a teenage girl.

Chapter 6

Andris took them to get checked in and made sure they went through security without any hitches.
Finally for the first time they were without a chaperone with two hours to spare until their flight. They found a coffee shop and sat at a table in the furthest corner. Anna sat on Steve's lap as they cuddled and kissed.
Steve still could not believe what had happened. At 52 he had an 18-year-old teenager sitting on his lap kissing him. A teenager who had just married him and he was taking her home.
Anna felt his cock harden underneath her. She took his hand and guided it up her skirt onto her soft thigh. She felt his cock twitch underneath her. He gently stroked her thigh loving how soft her delicate young skin felt.
"Higher" she whispers in his ear. Checking around quickly that no one was watching he moved his hand higher up her leg and caressed her there. "Higher" she whispers again. He moved his hand up higher and felt the soft, hairless and wet lips of her pussy. She had no underwear on. Steve nearly came in his pants there and then.
His eyes opened very wide and he grinned at her. "Wow, how did you know?"
"When they interviewed me about you, they asked some very specific questions from which I guessed. When you see what I packed you won't find any underwear my darling."
"Oh wow, you're perfect."
She put her hand up her skirt pushed passed his fingers that were gently stroking her lips. She took her hand out and put her wet fingers in his mouth so he could taste her. Steve had never tasted anything so wonderful in his life and so wanted to put his head between her legs there and then but he knew he had to wait.
"Oh god I am so turned on" Steve whispered.
"Hold on darling not long now and then I am all yours."
Finally, their flight was called for boarding and they got settled into their seats. As it was a late flight they dimmed the lights so people could rest and the stewardess came round asking if anyone wanted blankets. Anna grabbed one and looked at Steve with a glint in her eye

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Book Series

Mail Order Bride is the first book in The Norths series of erotica romance books.

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